Silver Brazing Alloys

braze brazing alloys

Among many other supplies our company produces specialty cadmium-free filler metals for hard soldering purposes.

The group of silver brazing alloys is characterized by good fluidity, wetting abilities and mechanical performance, which makes it popular in fastening various materials including steels, carbides, copper, nickel and their alloys. Because of such qualities they can be used in many fields where a strong joint is a must, for example tool and machine industries, power engineering, food industry, or making cooling plants and sanitary installations.

Detailed information regarding specifications can be found in the Details tab.

We can also make filler metals not mentioned in the table. Please contact us in case you can't decide or didn't find an alloy that suits you.

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Made For 


Available Forms 

rods, wires
Diameter: 0,3 - 7,0 mm

Additional Info 

Possibility of making filler metals not mentioned in the table upon customer's request.
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