Sheets and Strips

Sheets and Strips silver production rolling

Cold-rolled sheets of standard width of 75 mm, made of silver alloys. Manufacturing accuracy ensures the same parameters along the entire length. Constantly monitored against surface oxidation and presence of impurities. Through additional heat treatment our sheets gain specified hardness and properties, which lets them to be used in the jewellery and many industrial sectors, e.g. power industry, electrical engineering, decorative elements production, or refurbishing. Our sheets of standard width of 75 mm we can cut into strips with dimensions agreed in advance. As a standard we make our sheets in Ag830 and Ag930 silver alloys, or in Ag999 and Ag99,99 alloys after agreement.

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Thickness: from 0,15 to 5,0 mm
Standard (max.) width: 75 mm

Additional Info 

Four levels of hardness
Standard alloys: Ag830, Ag930
Max. cutting thickness: 2,5 mm
Cutting width: depends on the thickness
Possibility of using different alloys or alloying additions upon customer's request.
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