Rods and Wires

Rods and Wires silver cold drawn

Drawn wires made of silver, brass, or copper alloys. Constant monitoring ensures high quality and prevents surface oxidation and impurities getting inside the product. Through continuous casting and multistep drawing process constant parameters are maintained all over the length. Heat treatment helps to reach desired flexibility and properties, according to the purpose. Our wires are ideal for further processing, or to be used at jewellery, electronics, electrical engineering, or power industry. Packed and sold in coils or wound on spools. As standard we make our silver wires of Ag930, Ag999, Ag99,99 alloys, brass wires are made of M63 and M85 alloys, and copper ones of electrolytic copper M1E.

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Diameter: from 0,10 to 10 mm

Additional Info 

Four levels of hardness
Standard alloys: Ag930, Ag999, Ag9999
Possibility of using different alloys or alloying additions upon customer's request.
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