Production Profile

Production Profile services precious metals

In our production and service activity we use e.g. silver, gold and brass. The standard silver alloy, of which we make our silwerware, is the AG930 (grade .925) with the addition of copper and alloying additions, or with an alloy described by the customer. The silver flat anodic bars we make using the finest silver (grade .9999). Gold products we make as a service, with material delivered by the customer.

Technological processes we use during production were being tested and verified over the years. By using wide range of tools and techniques (as heat treatment and metal forming), properly adjusted to the material, we can make products having physical properties needed by the customer.

The main product lines in our assortment:
» wires,
» seamless tubes,
» tubes cut to rings,
» square shaped wire,
» sheets and strips,
» silver solders (non-cadmium),
» silver flat anodes,
» halfround wire,
» blanks,
» jewelry findings:» contact elements.
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