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Information about the privacy policy and cookies files used by the website.


Privacy Policy

Visiting and browsing webpages (hereinafter referred to as the website) means agreeing to all terms stated below:

  1. Copyrights
    • All content published on the website (such as pictures and texts) being property of the Przedsiebiorstwo Wytworczo-Handlowo-Uslugowego "SCORAB" sp. z o.o. are protected by copyright law. It is not allowed to use them without permission of the author.
  2. External Content
    • Third-party content is published with the permission of the author or under respective license. If necessary, information about the owner is included within the page or its source code. Content which is not our property falls under the author's policy.
  3. Personal Data
    • Using the website does not require personal information from visitors. The only page where an email address is needed is the Contact Form. We need your email address only to answer your question. Submitted address is used only by our company, and is not shared with anyone. We do not send spam or mailing, however we can use your email in a future to introduce you to our current business offer.


Cookies are the small text files kept in user's terminal. Their task is to gather statistical data, or to store information, which make personalization and optimalization of websites easier. Cookies are not malicious and they do not violate user's rights or his privacy. Cookies for each site can be disabled at any moment, however such an action will prevent the website from reaching full functionality. Cookies used by the webste can be categorized by:

  1. Lifetime
    • Session - deleted after closing the browser.
    • Persistent - they are stored in memory for a specified time.
  2. Owner
    • First-party cookies - placed directly by the site you are visiting.
    • Third-party cookies - related to services provided by third-parties (eg. Google). For those cookies the third-party policy applies.
  3. Purpose
    • Configuration - needed for configuring the site for a specific device, eg. for selecting the interface appearance.
    • Localization - files containing user's location info, eg. for languge purposes.
    • Tracking - they analize traffic across the site, so that the author of the site can understand users' needs better.

Cookies do not contain any personal data, moreover they are encrypted in a way which prevents unauthorized access. By using this site you agree to terms stated above. Have a nice browsing!

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